Bring The Fresh Warrior Forum Review

The Tomatometer rating-based on published reports of hundreds of reviews for the film and television--are a reliable measure of the quality of film and television to millions of viewers. Professional critics, are positive for a particular program, provides the percentage of cinema or television reviews. Thai specialist Tony Jaa makes stellar debut in this film, Director: Prachya Pinkaew martial arts action. Yes sounds Ting, a young man living in a small town in Thailand. How childish is on the stairs of the Temple of the city discovered by monks, who taught him the martial art of Muay Thai, Thai Ting in Bangkok sent, if the head of the city's statue of the Buddha, annual precipitation, drought of the region concerned to pray was stolen. A farmer in vibrant city underworld crushed and forced his abilities in combat to use to find a parade of thugs in an underground fight Club on the road to the criminal mastermind, stole the Buddha's head, until the drought and hunger, his hometown in ruins may return to give up to get it. More …. The best parts of this movie are the sequences of dark and cruel battle that has a power and intensity you no ' to find today in many films. Then what many martial arts film based on threads or computer graphics to inflate the action, it is quite natural. JAA combines speed, strength and fluid in a convincing proposal for the wire in the final rounds to turn ' fad and physical ability's revenge at the top. Amable very scary or plastic case Fant Tony Jaa or an international star of tours do Nero g a o/Artes Marciais. How many martial arts films out there that doesn't have a structure and is much more than an excuse for the scenes of large battle-and are really great, with Tony Jaa lead all of his Muay Thai of spectacular stunts, without the use of wires or special effects. More. I admit, I ' t see a series of martial arts films. I ' I don't know if it's a film full of cliche or a complete restructuring of the bring the fresh warrior forum review genre. What I liked was the simplicity of the story-Kurt Vonnegut faithful rule s: ' each character wants something! Rivets for hunting and battle scenes. A feast of adrenaline, of course! I wanted it because of all the marketing-don't see any CGI! Without wires! -and choreography-wise, ' tonnes of disappointments. There is too little evidence of Spielberg and Besson (maybe others, just that I've seen both) font-to see the amount of certain scenes. Guerrillas of bad movie, absolutely brilliant! Exclamation point! More,. .